The tools you need to work from home

The tools you need to work from home
Working from home is becoming more and more popular for both the self-employed and employees who have access to a little more flexibility.

A comfortable place to work

When you never work from home, it’s rare to have a dedicated office space. But to write, edit photos and videos, reread and manage social networks, as I do every day, the sofa and kitchen table are (unfortunately!) not ideal.

You don’t have to have a complete room, but a dedicated space, no matter how small, optimize your concentration.

At home, I have been using the same office for about 15 years. To give it a second life, I painted it, then it got a third life by adding a new tray on top, since the original was starting to get very damaged. A good way to limit my consumption, while changing its appearance and in addition, I avoided buying a new office for which I should have spent a large sum! With the money saved, I was able to improve my budget for the summer holidays.

A high-performance computer

When you’re just surfing the web, you don’t have to have the best computer on the market, but to work from home, a good model can make a big difference.

If the computer of your dreams is too expensive, you have two options: refurbished computers, either those purchased and then returned that are then certified by the company, or the second-hand market. Many people always buy the new models, and then put their old device (still perfectly functional!) on sale for a fraction of the price.

Personally, I have long worked with a laptop,but when I accidentally poured a large glass of water on it, I chose to replace it with a desktop, more ergonomic. Since I travel a lot, I still bought a laptop, but less efficient (and therefore cheaper!) for those days when I do not work from home.

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How to save on essential equipment

As soon as my budget allowed me, I got a good camera/video, which allowed me to increase the quality of the content I produce, essential in my field.

To finance this new material, it is possible to put for sale the one you are currently using. This is what I plan to do in the near future, as I change my Reflex camera to a Mirrorless camera, which is much more compact and therefore more convenient when travelling.

By picking up a few hundred dollars by reselling my current camera, the cost of my new acquisition will be much lower!

And before you buy new, it’s very advantageous to look at what’s on the second-hand market. For example, after buying a new printer at full price, I found myself on Kijiji, and I discovered hundreds of printers to give away or sell for a fraction of the price! I should have taken a look at it from the start in order to save on this purchase. I’ll do it next time, no fault of my own!

Nothing is needed now and right away

Depending on the type of work you want to do at home, you may need other accessories: a microphone, a filing system, or several others.

You may find that working from home requires some financial investment, especially if you don’t have any equipment in advance, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the quality or accessories you want.

You just have to remember that nothing is absolutely necessary from day one, or even the first year.

By spacing my purchases over time and giving myself goals, such as “reaching 5 customers, I buy X,” or “after my first $1000 of income, I buy Y,” I managed not to spend too much in a short period of time, which allowed me to have the time to put the money I needed to set aside.

And, of course, there are always classified ads to make convenient finds and cheap!

Until then, be productive!


I am a Digital Marketer, and I consider myself a self-taught person because there are always new things to learn. And everything I learn helps me help other people who want to know about these technological issues today. Also, people who have problems with some technological devices.

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