Cybersecurity: ransomware is the leading cause for assistance in 2020

Cybersecurity: ransomware is the leading cause for assistance in 2020

The government’s platform for helping individuals and small businesses has just unveiled its 2020 business report.

Phishing, account hacking, data theft, or ransomware, cybercriminals have given it they’re all. In this new report, the platform looks back at the main trends and threats observed last year in the particular context of the health crisis. It reads in particular “In the case of professionals, whether for the category ‘companies and associations’ or ‘communities and administrations’, ransomware was the leading cause of assistance this year, with 17% and 19% respectively, followed by the hacker (16% and 13%) account hacking. In 2019, ransomware was 8% and ranked 6th out of these audiences; in 2020, the number of assistance searches on this threat increased by 30%. “I’m not

It is not surprising that the number of requests for assistance mentioned in this report in response to ransomware problems has increased in one year to account for almost 20% of these. In a fragile economy where trade and business are more dependent than ever on information technology, system downtime is extremely detrimental to businesses and their customers, governments, and citizens.

The inventiveness of cybercriminals makes it difficult to train all employees so that they do not fall into the traps they are set at. Apart from the obvious elements such as staff training and enhanced security of access points, actions such as safeguarding systems using information immutability, focusing on multi-factor authentication over a simple password, and regular testing of data recovery scenarios ensure a minimum time for interruption of IT resources.

No organization is truly immune to a cyberattack, cybercriminals are unsympathetic to their victims, and the peace of mind of IT managers is based on careful consideration of these issues and detailed testing of resource penetration. If you don’t regularly assess your threat response capability and haven’t provided up-to-date security training to your employees in the past few months, it’s really time to do so, because, in the world of cybersecurity, every day counts.


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