How to Get a Temporary Phone Number For receiving SMS

How to Get a Temporary Phone Number For receiving SMS

Temporary Phone Number: Today in the Internet space there are many different web resources and many of these resources provide access to their functions only after registration. After registration, the user can freely use the full functionality of a particular resource. But there is one significant minus, you need to specify your phone number and get a special confirmation code to complete the registration of your account.  

This registration procedure is necessary to increase the account security and to avoid mass registration of fake profiles. However, many users are reluctant to leave their personal information on such resources, or don’t and are looking for ways to bypass this restriction. 

So, there is a way out! In such situations, you can specify a virtual phone number and not be afraid that your personal data will be disclosed. What is a temporary phone number for SMS and how to get it will be discussed in this article.   

What is a temporary phone number for receiving SMS? 

Temporary cell phone numbers are called temporary because they are active for a limited amount of time, ranging from 10 minutes to months, with the possibility of extension. You do not need a physical SIM card or even a mobile device to use these numbers. All you need is any gadget with internet access and a couple of minutes of free time. Usually, such numbers are used for registrations. For example, to get “one-time access codes” for websites without revealing your own number and to register accounts. 

There are various sites that provide their visitors with temporary cell phone numbers that you can enter wherever you need them to confirm. As soon as the reply text message is sent, you will see it on the site directly.  

When do I need a temporary phone number? 

Statistically, temporary numbers are most often used to receive SMS: 

  • When registering on sites to replace a valid phone number (e.g., with restrictions for foreign nationals). 
  • Advanced bloggers or SMM specialists can use such numbers to increase the number of subscribers, likes, comments from other accounts. 
  • People interested in preserving anonymity online. 
  • To protect against fraudulent schemes on suspicious sites. 
  • Companies using users who fake comments and reviews and also make SMS-mailing. 

Benefits of using temporary phone numbers? 

There are a number of advantages associated with the growing popularity of such virtual numbers: 

  • The ability to rent a phone number from any state, regardless of your country of residence. 
  • Lower cost compared to conventional mobile numbers and sim cards. 
  • Promptness of connection, to obtain such number you need not more than 5 minutes. 
  • Ability to automate the receipt of virtual numbers using API-interface, which will be interesting to more experienced users. 
  • Protection against privacy interference and advertising attacks on your phone number. 
  • Specialized equipment ensures stable 24-hour operation and activation of virtual number at any convenient time. 

How to get a temporary phone number using SMS-man service? 

Now let’s take a closer look at the procedure for obtaining a temporary phone number. To get such a cell phone number we will use SMS verification service. Below will be a step-by-step instruction on how to do it: 

  1. Register an account on the online service SMS-man. For registration you only need to enter your email and come up with a password.
  2. The next step is to add money into your account. Go to section “Pay” and choose any payment system which you can use to refill your account.
  3. On the main page you use the filter. First of all we choose the country of our future virtual number. The next step is to specify the service from where you want to receive an SMS with a confirmation code. 
  4. After that press “Buy” against the desired service.
  5. All right, the virtual number is added to the history of your request at the top of the main page. Copy the number and enter it in the registration.
  6. When the SMS with a confirmation code is sent, go back to the service SMS-man and press “Get SMS” on the right side of the purchased phone number. 
  7. Copy the confirmation code and complete the registration.

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