The best places to work for innovative people

The best places to work for innovative people

If you consider yourself innovative and would like to work in a company where you can develop your full potential, know the list of companies where you can do it; 5 of the top 10 companies are based in the U.S.

The business site Fast Company released the results of its annual list of “Best Workplaces for Innovators 2024”, created in collaboration with Accenture. This year 5 of the top 10 companies are in the United States.

The fifth annual “Best Workplaces for Innovators” list recognizes companies that understand that vitally important breakthroughs can happen anywhere, from the loading dock to a corner office in any city.

According to the list:

· No country has a monopoly on innovation, as 5 of the top 10 companies on this year’s list are based outside the U.S.

· Siemens, the German company, has appeared on the list of “Best Workplaces for Innovators” in the five years that the study has been conducted.

With this list, people who consider themselves innovative can find an option to develop their talent to the fullest, as many of them are hiring talent permanently.

Fast Company recognizes organizations and companies that demonstrate an inspiring commitment to fostering and developing innovation at all levels and ranks 100 winners from various industries, including entertainment, biotechnology, consumer goods, marketing, education, healthcare, and many more.

Fast Company editors and Accenture researchers collaborated to evaluate nearly 1,000 applications. The 2024 awards are given to companies around the world.

Top Ten Best Workplaces for Innovators:

Company: (1) Canva
Location: Sydney
Activity: Technology

Company: (2) DealMaker
Location: Toronto
Activity: Financial Technology

Company: (3) Carrot Fertility
Location: Menlo Park, California
Activity: Health & Medicine

Company: (4) Ampere Computing
Location: Santa Clara, California
Activity: Technology

Company: (5) Zebra Technologies
Location: Lincolnshire, IL
Activity: Technology

Company: (6) Arrive Logistics
Location: Austin, Texas
Activity: Technology

Company: (7) Siemens
Location: Munich
Activity: Engineering

Company: (8) Te Connectivity
Location: Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Activity: Manufacturing

Company: (9) Adobe
Location: San Jose, CA
Activity: Technology

Company: (10) AB Inbev
Location: Leuven, Belgium
Business: Consumer Packaged Goods

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