Five Phases To Design A Secured Custom Box

Five Phases To Design A Secured Custom Box

Custom Boxes Wholesale are widely used in many industries, and that’s why these are key selling products of the packaging industry. These boxes are custom-made according to the company’s requirements.

Packaging is essential for the product that’s why every successful company uses proper packaging for their products. Their quality teams ensure that the company is using perfect custom boxes to add value to its products.

So if you have just started your business and need some guidelines on how to design secured custom boxes for your business? Then, my friend, you have come to the right place. This blog will help you a lot because I will discuss 5 phases to design a secured Custom Box.

Five Phases To Design A Secured Custom Box

  • Data Collection Phase
  • Designing Phase
  • Printing Phase
  • Testing Phase
  • Transportation Phase

Data Collection Phase

Every packaging company gathers data and conducts research to understand the packaging needs for your company. They do market research and see what kind of packaging is being used in the industry and how it can help in getting success for your business.

How do they gather data?

They gather data with the following methods:

  • Market research (Rival’s Packaging Techiqnues & Customer Response)
  • Questionnaire (Open Ended & Close Ended)

Market Research

Packaging companies hire special research teams to conduct market research; they go to market and finds out how customized packaging will boost profits for your business. They check the rival company’s packaging techniques and customer’s responses to them.  This process can take some days because the process is time-consuming.


This method can be done in the market. They ask the customers for their personal opinion, and they can fill out the questionnaires. This method is effective because you get a chance to know about the customer’s needs and demands.

Designing Phase

After collecting data and doing research, the next phase is of designing phase. Using this data collected by the research team, the designers can put their artistic minds on the go and design a flawless and unique design for your box packaging. Unique design should be used for the packaging because unique design attracts the customer. Managed IT Services  Customers demand unique box designs because the design enhances the product’s appearance.

Printing Phase

The next phase after designing is to print the custom packaging. The printing machines available with professional packaging companies allow you to have vibrant printing possibilities to make your product stand out in the market. The unique text printed enticingly and the exclusive illustration and visual graphics make your product distinguishable, and, hence, it is a vital part of the packaging process that cannot be neglected in any way.

Moreover, the packaging companies can print information regarding the product, like how to use it? Or what ingredients are used in the production process? The company will print all this information to help the customer to make a brief decision.

Testing Phase

This phase is important to check the packaging quality. The team will test these boxes in various circumstances and evaluates the performance of the packaging box. For Sample, they will assemble a box and then put a heavy product in the box to check whether it can withstand the product’s weight or not. If yes, it will be sent for transport; otherwise, it will be sent back to the relevant department.

Transportation phase

Transportation is the last phase of this process. After printing and then assembling them into specific boxes, the company needs to transport them to the various client and retailers.

For this purpose, they can use their own transportation means or can hire a third party to do this job. Every packaging company ensures to its clients that they will receive an advantageous box because they not be scratched or damaged while transportation.

Products That Necessarily Need Custom Boxes

So now the boxes are produced, and you must know what kind of products require custom boxes packaging. Let’s find out, shall we?

Various products can require Custom Box Wholesale; some of them are mentioned below.

  • Food Items
  • Books
  • Vape Cigarettes
  • Stationery items
  • Flat TV
  • Electronic Items
  • Sport Items


So now you know what are the phases of designing a secured custom box? Many businesses are using this wholesale Box Packaging because these boxes are successful in the packaging industry. There are Stampa Prints who is providing services for packaging your precious products. They have a fast delivery service, and they have less turnaround time. They give a 90% of color matching guarantee. They offer various payment methods. And I hope my blog has helped you in having a successful business.

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