How to earn with MasterBundles without spending much effort

How to earn with MasterBundles without spending much effort

MasterBundles is a graphic design marketplace. The platform presents thousands of cool designs on completely different subjects. Graphics, fonts, postcards, clipart, textures and patterns, prints, website templates, stock photos and videos, WordPress themes, Instagram, resumes, and presentation templates – all this can be sold & bought there. There are both individual products and bundles, this is a kind of feature of the marketplace. The essence of these bundles is that there are collected several thematically related products in one package at a favorable price. Also, free offers. You will soon realize how cool they are. You may have a question; how can you make money online on Master Bundles if you are not a graphic designer or photographer? This is exactly what we will talk about in more detail.

Who is an affiliate and how does he earn?

To briefly explain the principle of work, being an affiliate means having your individual affiliate parameter. You add this option to the MasterBundles link and share it on the platforms you choose. Accordingly, when someone makes a purchase on MasterBundles by following a referral link, you receive a 15% commission. Try it yourself and make sure that everything is really very simple! Each affiliate has its personal online account. It is specially designed so that you intuitively understand how and where to click. In this online account, you can track and manage your income. It is worth saying that there are many ways to withdraw funds, including super famous and reliable wallets like Payoneer and Paypal but also alternative methods of withdrawing funds, including Card, Paxum, Skrill, Wire, etc. As soon as an amount of $50 or more accumulates on the balance, it will be possible to withdraw it. If your link actively buys products, then this amount will accumulate quite quickly.

Who can become an affiliate?

A fairly wide range of people can become an affiliate. It can be the owners of web design blogs. In this case, your referral link will look as relevant as possible, because you already have an audience interested in this topic, so the chance of their purchase is high. Accordingly, you earn. It can also be content creators with an audience. Absolutely any platform is suitable. We all know Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. You choose what suits you best. With the correct submission, sales are guaranteed. In order for your user to be interested in the marketplace, create a request for him. For example, everyone on Instagram is tired of boring fonts and wants to stand out somehow. I found a cool platform that offers dozens of original and cool options. A person is interested and follows the link.

How do you know which products to talk about?

You can share information about any product featured on MasterBundles. There is a very large selection of products on the market. There are 5 main categories, 25+ subcategories, 20,000+ bundles, 2,000 vendors. Enumeration of topics and products for different projects, for different budgets. There is a Design Blog that is regularly updated and contains a lot of interesting things – leaflets with products for various topics + info posts about important, trending things, how-tos, inspiring interviews, and a lot of everything. That is where you will find inspiration and options for what exactly you would like to talk about. For example, the Christmas holiday is approaching and many people will need greeting cards, and then you tell us about such an opportunity, and how you can buy it from us at an affordable price. Different people, and different tastes, so there is a high probability of finding something you like.

What if people follow your link but download free products?

Don’t worry, this is completely normal. Most likely, the user first wants to get better acquainted with the platform, product options, terms, and so on. Therefore, first, of course, he will choose a free design elements. They do everything to select the best designers, so the user will be satisfied. Accordingly, after several such free downloads, the user will already think about purchasing a paid product. The platform collects cookies, so 15% of the premium product will still come to your balance. That’s how profitable and simple you can earn.

If I’m a graphic designer, can I be an affiliate?

Yes, of course. On MasterBundles, you can choose one role or all three and be a seller, buyer, and affiliate at the same time. If you already sell your works on the marketplace or plan to do so, then you can also create an online affiliate account and get a personal setting without any problems. Then, for example, you can talk about your products and immediately give links. Thus, if the user follows it and buys your product, you will receive 50% as a designer and a 15% commission. It sounds very profitable. Or you can also review other designers’ products and earn commissions as well.


We tried to consider all aspects of the affiliate’s activities in as much detail as possible, and we hope that you learned everything you need for yourself. The platform itself is super easy to use with a great support team to turn to when you have any issues or just have questions. They respond really quickly. This is an easy way of not very active earnings. All you have to do is get people to shop at MasterBundles!

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