7 Products You Don’t Want to Buy at Walmart

7 Products You Don’t Want to Buy at Walmart

Although Walmart is known for its low prices, there are some products that don’t always offer the best quality or price in this store.

So, here are seven products you might want to consider buying elsewhere.

1. High-end TVs

Walmart may be a budget-friendly option for TVs, but it lacks options in higher-end models that offer greater durability, according to Wealthy Nickel.

Costco, for example, not only has a better warranty for its electronics, but it also offers brands that are renowned for their quality.

2. Furniture

If you need durable furniture that will stand up to use by children or pets, Walmart isn’t the best choice.

While the prices may be attractive, durability is one aspect where they fail. It’s better to save a little more and invest in higher-quality furniture.

3. Batteries

Batteries are usually cheaper on Amazon or at large warehouse stores like Costco.

Costco’s Kirkland-branded batteries, for example, have been recognized as the best among generic store brands.

4. Meat

The freshness of meat, especially chicken, is a recurring issue at Walmart.

Although the selection and prices can be good, quality is important to avoid health problems.

5. Jewelry

The quality of the jewelry at Walmart leaves a lot to be desired, even though its price seems to be good.

Also, it’s not ideal to buy fine jewelry in the same place where you buy household staples.

6. Appliances

Walmart has a limited selection of appliances, and other stores like Home Depot and Costco offer better prices and warranty options.

7. Generic Supplements

If you buy supplements at Walmart, it’s best to choose well-known brands.

In 2015, the New York State Attorney General released a report noting that many generic supplements at Walmart did not contain the ingredients listed on the labels and, in some cases, contained unlisted substances.


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