Sergio Ramos is offside with his business

Sergio Ramos is offside with his business

Sergio Ramos isn’t having too much luck with some of his businesses. His stud farm has accumulated heavy losses and his gym closed in 2022.

Great footballers like Sergio Ramos are privileged people who receive millionaire salaries. The enormous sums that these young people receive, under thirty, even twenty in some cases, can cause them to lose contact with the earth.

There are countless cases of athletes who have found themselves in ruin shortly after retiring, once they stop receiving the income that allowed them to maintain the pace of life they led when they were still active.

Fortunately, they are increasingly better advised and many of them are already beginning to worry about their future while they are still riding the crest of the wave, allocating a part of what they earn to invest or start businesses that allow them to make a profit and ensure a source of income when they hang up their boots.

This is the case of Sergio Ramos, who has been very active in this business area for some years. However, it’s not doing as well as you’d like.

The footballer’s best-known and best-loved project is his SR4 Stud Farm, which has been in the red for years. According to El Confidencial, the company Albis Inversiones 2008, owner of this business, has accumulated losses of 4.7 million euros since its creation in 2008.

In addition, the newspaper reports that the stud farm suffered a new setback last year, as the courts have already ruled in favor of a former worker who denounced Ramos’ company after his dismissal. That employee, a stable boy who had seven temporary contracts between 2015 and 2019, was dismissed on objective grounds due to the amortization of the job.

However, a Labour Court of Seville upheld his claim and declared the dismissal unfair, ordering Ramos’ company to reinstate the employee in his job with the same conditions he had or to pay him compensation of 8,805.06 euros, as well as 5,125.68 euros in default interest.

Other Ramos Businesses

The athlete has also had some setbacks in other businesses. Ramos opened his ‘Sergio Ramos by John Reed’ gym in 2022, but was forced to close it in April last year, after the death of his partner, Rainer Schaller, as reported by El Mundo.

Its interests in real estate have also suffered from the ups and downs of the real estate sector. The footballer has a significant investment in land in the Madrid neighbourhood of Los Berrocales, through the company Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Los Berrocales (DILB), of which he controls 39% of the shareholding, to which must be added the 1% in the hands of his father, as we told in EMPRENDEDORES.

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The company had 130,000 square metres of land in this area, which is in the development phase, so hundreds of homes are being built. The works were stopped for years, waiting for the municipal authorization to build, so the land suffered a significant depreciation. However, the reactivation of the urbanization of the neighborhood has increased the value of the land.

Ramos has also shown concerns in the art world. In fact, the Sevilla FC player is creating a museum in his own home, as reported by La Vanguardia.

On the other hand, he is one of the investors of the Fever app, a startup that discovers leisure plans close to their location, as we reported in this article, where we also talk about other businesses launched by footballers such as Gerard Piqué, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andrés Iniesta, Leo Messi or Iker Casillas.


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