100+ Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will LOVE …

100+ Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas Your Readers Will LOVE …


It is inevitable! Writer’s-Block happens every now and then. However, when you are a content marketer and spend most of your time creating valuable content, there is always a possibility that you will exhaust your creative ideas in no time. 

Even if we are talking about the most dynamic content in the industry – Lifestyle Blogs, you will soon run out of ideas and find it hard to find inspiration for the content.

However, there is a perk to creating lifestyle blogs. Even if one idea doesn’t work for you, you can smoothly mold it to match your situation.

What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

The name itself defines what kind of content you will find in a lifestyle blog. A lifestyle blog is related to an individual way of living and sharing the moment with others. A lifestyle blogger shares contents that have been inspired by their personal interest and daily life activities.

So, while many blogs fit into the lifestyle category, not all lifestyle blogs are the same. The content varies depending on the blogger and how they perceive their life. For example, some might like traveling, playing games, or even engaging with you with their professions.

There are just too many things to focus on in a lifestyle blog!

How Has Social Media Contributed To Lifestyle Blog?

Lifestyle blogs were never a thing for readers until the advent of social media. Social media helped the lifestyle bloggers showcase their interests and share their way of living with others.

Today, it is incredibly important for a lifestyle blogger to stay active on multiple social media platforms to run successful lifestyle blogs.

Since lifestyle blogs are more diverse, it attracts more audiences than macro blogging. Hence, they have more chances to be successful bloggers.

How To Start A Successful Lifestyle Blogs?

Lifestyle blogs generally start with single niche content. However, once the audience starts growing, the bloggers start creating different types of content to please every type of audience on their website.

For instance, a technological blogger might start writing on the new technological launches or the new technology that might hold the potential to be the next big thing in the future.

Once the lifestyle bloggers have enough audiences to be considered influencers, they get the opportunity for paid sponsorship or business partnerships.

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas!

While pursuing a lifestyle blogging career, encountering writer’s block is a common occurrence. This shows that you are working hard to create different types of content, and you have exhausted all your ideas.

Fortunately, the vastness of lifestyle blogging allows bloggers to explore different avenues to get inspiration for new ideas.

Personally, I use these content pillars to formulate new ideas for my blogging website.

1. Career Post 

People have become aware of the dangers of having an inflexible career path. Hence, they are spending more time contemplating and calculating good career opportunities. This is where you can share revolutionary ideas and create education posts for your audiences.

Here are a few lifestyle blog post ideas.

  1. How to ask for a promotion?
  2. How to use productivity applications?
  3. What habits make you a successful person?
  4. Simple ways to boost focus.
  5. Achieve career satisfaction.
  6. How to build a good relationship with your colleagues.
  7. Better career advice you ever received.
  8. How to clear the interviews?
  9. How to become efficient with work?
  10. Successful career journey.

2. Blogging About Blogging Posts

Most people become intrigued about opening their lifestyle blogging website without doing any research. When they find it difficult to maintain their site, they look for information to educate themself. You can take advantage of this opportunity by sharing ideas and educational content on blogging.

  1. How to start a blog?
  2. How to take photos for a blog?
  3. What are the best tools for blogging?
  4. Reviewing products.
  5. How to avoid distractions while blogging?
  6. Tutorials.
  7. How to set monthly goals for your blogs?
  8. Best WordPress plugins.
  9. Website design ideas.
  10. Hosting a webinar.

3. Sharing Tips & Tricks On Blog Post

This is mostly for the bloggers that have crossed the beginners level and are now looking for things that can help them move beyond the intermediate level. In addition, you can use the following lifestyle blog post ideas to help other bloggers add diversity to their posts.

  1. Hair hacks for the parties.
  2. Beauty hacks.
  3. Productivity tips.
  4. Top tips for blogs.
  5. Shopping tips.
  6. Life hacks & DIY.
  7. Time management.
  8. Kitchen hacks.
  9. Photography tips.
  10. Tips for packing suitcases.

4. Food, Health & Fitness

Food, Health, and Fitness are some of the most demanding industries. People of all age groups deeply indulge in this industry. You can use this opportunity to further come up with ideas that attract audiences to your posts.

  1. Share your favorite recipes.
  2. Tutorials to make recipes.
  3. 2-minutes snack recipes.
  4. Daily health workout.
  5. Bodyweight workout.
  6. Eating healthy.
  7. Your biggest food obsession.
  8. Cheat meals for the weekends.
  9. Recipes to make for your beloved.
  10. Hosting small dinner parties.

5. Fashion Blog Post 

Fashion is something that never gets out of business. The concept of fashion has been in the world since the medieval age. People have always tried to look better than others. Thus, they are always on the hunt for ideas that make them look different. Use this to your advantage to come up with new lifestyle blog post ideas.

  1. Fashion haul.
  2. Fashion tips for plus-size people.
  3. What to wear for your interview?
  4. How to look smart on your first date?
  5. Maternity outfits.
  6. How to segregate your summer clothes?
  7. Top trends to follow.
  8. Fashion icons.
  9. Timeless fashion styles.
  10. Accessories to go with fashionable wear.

6. Family Blog Post

Family blog posts have been there since the advent of blogging. However, it got its moment to shine during the pandemic. When people were locked down in their homes, they started sharing posts of their life with their families. 

  1. Talk about your pets.
  2. How to keep your baby safe while you are working?
  3. Relationship advise.
  4. How to keep your married life new forever?
  5. Raising kid tips.
  6. Birthday party celebrations.
  7. Gifts on special occasions.
  8. Best family vacation.
  9. How to spend your weekend with your family?
  10. Lesson learned from your family members.

7. Interior Designing Blog Post

Today, most people want to DIY everything, even their interior designing. This is why interior designing blog posts have become popular in recent years. You can add this as one of the content pillars in your lifestyle blog posts.

  1. How to do home decoration?
  2. Things to consider during the home renovation?
  3. Choosing the right pain palate.
  4. The psychology behind the colors.
  5. How to decorate a home workspace?
  6. How to make the most out of small spaces?
  7. House tour.
  8. Kitchen designing.
  9. Right appliances for the home.
  10. DIY for your home decor.

8. Beauty & Wellness Blog Post

Have you ever noticed how you find several beauty tips and makeover tutorials online while swiping down the social media platform? This shows that people are becoming more dependent on their skills to look beautiful. 

Here are a few post ideas that you can create for your lifestyle blogs.

  1. Makeup do’s and don’ts.
  2. How to look beautiful with light makeup.
  3. How to create smokey eyes.
  4. Creating your own spa kit.
  5. Classic makeup favorites.
  6. Night-time skincare routine.
  7. Top products to have in your closet.
  8. Eating the right food for perfect skin.
  9. Go-to-work makeup.
  10. Breaking the aspect on how your face costs.

9. Finance Blog Post

Pandemic has put a massive dent in the financial structure at the individual and organizational level. As a result, everyone is looking for solutions to cope with the previous financial situation. This is where you can share the following ideas.

  1. Home finances.
  2. Saving tips.
  3. Budgeting for home expenses.
  4. Application helping you with financial planning.
  5. Money-saving strategies.
  6. Passive income.
  7. Finding great bargains in store.
  8. Paying bills with one income.
  9. Investing ideas post-pandemic.
  10.  Things to consider while investing.

10. Misc. Blog Post

There are certain topics in the lifestyle blog that don’t fall under any category. So I have decided to put it under the Miscellaneous blog post.

  1. Join challenges.
  2. Follow the social media trends.
  3. Creating a podcast.
  4. Advising you followers on the way to living their life.
  5. Date ideas.
  6. Sharing embarrassing moments.
  7. DIY crafts.
  8. Things you would like to change in the world.
  9. What tech gadgets do you use to make blogs?
  10. Q&A session with your followers. 

Final Thoughts

Finding blog post topics and writing compelling content that can inspire your audience to involve research, basic SEO knowledge, and time. It is important to consider all the factors before you sit down to create content.

If you are looking for more tips and strategies, you can simply visit here to get the best quotes.

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