MTS Full Form: Know about qualification & salary

MTS Full Form: Know about qualification & salary

MTS full form : Do you know about MTS? Even if you don’t know, it doesn’t matter because today we will provide you complete information about MTS. MTS is a kind of exam which SSC board takes this exam. In this you get the work of Multi Tasking.

As you might know, people of India are crazy about jobs. People believe that getting a government job is equivalent to meeting God. Crores of students are working hard day and night for different posts so that they can get jobs. In today’s article, we are talking about one such job which is known as MTS.

Very few people know , what is the full form of MTS , what you have to do for it, how much salary you will get, what is its exam pattern. So today we will know all such information with the help of this article.

MTS Full From: What is MTS, its full form

Full form of MTS is “Multi Tasking Staff”. For the people who work in this, the work is below the level of clerk or officer.

What is MTS? (What is MTS)

MTS is a type of examination which is conducted through Staff Selection Committee. In this job you can get a job in any government office.

In this, the work of MTS would be to transport the file from one place to another, print the document, take the document from one place to another, all the office work done after the clerk is done by MTS only. .

Eligibility for MTS

  • Applicant must have passed 10th.
  • The applicant applying for MTS must be an Indian citizen.
  • In this, the age of the applicant should be 18 to 25 years.
  • People of PWD category get relaxation of 10 years.
  • OBC category people get three years relaxation.
  • SC/ST applicants get relaxation of 5 years.

MTS Exam:

MTS exam is conducted in two phases in which the first exam is computer based exam. There is an exam of 100 marks and the time given is 90 minutes.

All the candidates who pass this first exam can appear for the second exam. In that the exam is in descriptive mode. This paper 2 is conducted in offline mode. This exam is of 50 marks and the time given in it is 30 minutes.

A merit list of all those who have passed this second paper is released through SSC. All the people whose names appear in the merit list are called for Document Verification. After that they are given jobs on vacant posts.

What work has to be done in MTS?

We have given some information above about the work that has to be done in MTS, but here we get to know it better. Here we have given information about some posts of MTS.

  1. Multi Tasking Staff
  2. Group C
  3. non ministerial post

Here we have provided information about MTS posts. In which we have told what work MTS will have to do. What kind of job or status will MTS get? We have given all its information here below.

  • To do watchman or word duty
  • Cleaning the office
  • To carry out the work given by the officer
  • Open and Close Office
  • Keeping Office Documents Well
  • Printing and faxing documents
  • work as a driver

MTS salary

If we talk about the salary of MTS, then MTS is given salary ranging from Rs 5200 to Rs 20200.

How to prepare for MTS Exam?

Friends, if you also want to do a job in MTS after giving exam then you can do it. Here we have given you complete information to prepare for MTS exam. Let us know some information about how you should complete the syllabus, how to give mock tests, how you should prepare for the exam.

First of all you should know about the Syllabus of MTS. You should also know how many subjects are there in MTS Syllabus and you should also have the material of all the subjects. You have to make a time table. You will have to prepare accordingly. When your preparation is done well, then you will have to give Mock Test also. In this way you will have to prepare for MTS Exam step by step.

Who can do MTS job?

If we give information about who can do the job of MTS, then all the people with 10th pass or above education can give this exam and do the job of MTS. But those who have less than 10th standard education cannot do MTS job and cannot even give exams.


What is the full form of MTS?

 MTS का Full From Multi Tasking Staff है।

What is MTS?

MTS is a kind of job in which 10th pass candidates can apply. In this, MTS has to do many types of office work. That is why it is called MTS (Multi tasking staff).

What work has to be done in MTS?

In MTS, this type of work is like doing the duty of watchman or word, cleaning the office, doing the work given by the officer, opening and closing the office, maintaining the office documents properly, maintaining the documents. Printing and faxing, working as a driver.

 What should be the age limit for an applicant for MTS job?

For this, the age limit of the applicant should be between 18 years to 25 years.

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MTS Full Form: Conclusion

So friends, this was all the information related to MTS. In this article,  apart from the full form of MTS  ( MTS full form), I have also told you in detail what is MTS ( what  is  MTS), how to become MTS, eligibility to become MTS, salary, other facilities etc. Information is given in this article.

In the end, I would like to request you that if you  liked the information about MTS full form ( full form of MTS ),  how to become MTS, salary, qualification  etc. and you have learned something from this article, then share it on social media. Must do so that other people   can also know MTS full form .


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