Fill Your Seats on Gospel Night: How To Promote Your Gospel Night Event

Fill Your Seats on Gospel Night: How To Promote Your Gospel Night Event

Gospel night can be an incredible way to attract new believers and engage the current congregation. Filled with songs of worship, testimonies, and rousing sermons, gospel nights bring the church together and help them celebrate their object of faith.

If you’re a pastor or part of the event planning committee for such an event, you’ll want to make as many people as possible aware of it and fill your seats to ensure that it’s a stirring success.

Here are 7 ways to do that.

1. Tell Your Congregation About It

In this article, we’ll be suggesting online and offline ways to market your event. But before we do, let’s not forget the easiest way to spread the word: announcing it during service.

Since services happen weekly, it’s easy and convenient enough for the pastor or another member of the church to make announcements about the date and time of the event even weeks before it happens.

This will give your congregation enough time to block it on their calendars so that they can plan and invite newcomers.

As you deliver related announcements, don’t forget to mention the purpose and relevance of the event and if there are specific things, they need to do beforehand to prepare for it.

2. Embrace Street-smart Marketing with Rack Cards

Rack cards are a popular marketing tool you can use to highlight your event. The 4” x 9” cards have plenty of space to include all the information about your church event, including logos, pictures, and contact information. They’re also the perfect size to fit in your brochure racks and standard envelopes for mailing purposes. 

You don’t have to have a huge budget for it either. You can use a premade template for rack cards from PosterMyWall to put your event in the spotlight. You can customize these templates to include your church’s branding elements. For instant success:

  • Use attention-grabbing pictures or graphics. You can use nice photos of church members, past church events, a picture of your physical church, etc.
  • Use bold colors to grab eyeballs and drive viewers to action. 
  • Keep your message simple, clear, and concise. Avoid intimidatingly long blocks of text or complex, difficult to read fonts. 

As always, it’s a good idea to think of your target audience during the design process to create a compelling rack card.

3. Don’t Forget the Posters!

Posters are an incredibly effective tool for the vicinity-based marketing you need for this type of event. Since you’ll be holding a live event, you want to get the attention of people living nearby. Posters in and around the church are the perfect way to accomplish this.

You can print and post them on the walls of libraries, parks, restaurants, and salons. You can also publish them digitally on your social media channels to reach more people.

Again, PosterMyWall is a wonderful and affordable resource for posters. It has a vast collection of customizable gospel night flyers that are ideal for promoting your gospel night event. 

PosterMyWall’s free version will let you download social media graphics for free while additional features can be had for an extremely reasonable rate of around $10.

4. Use Paid Online Ads

Paid advertisements are the perfect tool to connect with people, even those outside your church community. It can help you reach the right demographic and expand your reach to get as many people as possible to your event. 

Here are some of the most popular online ad channels:

Facebook Ads 

Facebook Ads can help you drive awareness and increase your reach. 

Use Facebook Ad Manager to track your audience, then customize your ads to target folks who live in the same location as your church or event venue. This nifty service also lets you target specific age groups, interests, job titles, genders, and more.

Google Ads allows you to use keywords to define your content and reach out to your target demographics.

It offers multiple ad packages, but pay-per-click (PPC) is often the best option. It only charges you for clicks on your ads, making it one of the most affordable marketing tactics you can use for promoting gospel night.

With Google Ads, you can manage your campaigns every step of the way and measure your success to see what worked with your audience. You can then use this information to improve your future online ads.

5. Harness the Power of Social Media

When it comes to marketing, connect with people where they are to get a good turnout. For most of us, it’s social media, and if there’s one thing we know about social media, it’s that it is an absolute powerhouse of marketing opportunities. 

You can create profiles on channels like Facebook and Instagram to update churchgoers about upcoming events. You can use posts, stories, and reels to share clips of your previous gospel nights to give people an idea of what to expect. 

Whatever medium you choose to go with, make sure to use creative writing and appealing graphics to encourage people to attend the event. For more engagement, use appropriate hashtags. Using just one hashtag on a post can give you 29% more interactions

6. Update Your Website

If you have a church website, you can use it to promote your gospel night event.

Dedicate a special page to the event so your audience can easily access all the information and sign up. 

Since mobile devices generate 58.99% of global website traffic, it’s a good idea to make your website mobile-responsive.

Pro tip: Whether it’s fellowship or prayer, focus on what the people stand to gain by highlighting the spiritual payoff of attending the event. 

Additionally, if your church frequently hosts events, we recommend you add a pop-up alert. It will let your viewers know that there’s an upcoming event they can attend.

7. Partner With Print Media Agencies

Newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and other print mediums have sections dedicated to arts, music, and cultural events. You can send print media agencies press releases about your event to help spread the word.  

Make sure to provide media agencies with a brief description of what the event will cover, where and when it will take place, and the timing, so readers have all the information they need to join. You can also extend your promotional efforts to your local radio stations to reach out to people within the vicinity.

Get your Gospel Night Event Running

Promoting your event can become expensive quickly. If you don’t have the resources to hire professionals for your marketing needs, use PosterMyWall, an online graphic design tool. 

It has an impressive collection of templates that you can easily customize with drag-and-drop as well as point-and-click controls. Even if you’re a design amateur, you can quickly come up with professional-looking collaterals for gospel night or any other event sponsored by your church.


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