Artificial Intelligence in Companies: How Does It Help Them?

Artificial Intelligence in Companies: How Does It Help Them?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) came to change everything in the digital world: from video games, they learn from users to software that allows companies to better understand the behavior of their customers to develop their production.

However, the big question that very few small and medium-sized entrepreneurs could answer in the affirmative is whether it was possible for them to develop an Artificial Intelligence application. Fortunately, the scenario has changed thanks to the democratization of such solutions, now accessible to all.

Do you know how Artificial Intelligence is applied in companies and how it collaborates with their development? Read on to discover its benefits!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In short, it is the ability of a program or device to capture the data generated during a company’s production, administration, and management process to “learn” how tasks are performed and run them automatically as efficiently as possible, even suggesting new ways of doing things.

Applied in a small or medium-sized enterprise, Artificial Intelligence is a tool that analyzes and provides information relevant to organizations, helping them to get ahead of their competitors. how? By opportunity to make better data-driven decisions.

What are these Artificial Intelligence-driven technologies or solutions that can take companies to the next level? see!

4 resources for companies based on Artificial Intelligence

One of the advantages of living in this era is that there are hundreds of options and breadth of access so that any type of organization can be mounted on this wave: automation and intelligent learning is no longer unique to giants.

Next, we’ll show you and explain—briefly and accurately—4 Artificial Intelligence-driven tools that your business can start using right now:

1. Chatbots

If you are a regular user of banks or software services, you will surely have noticed that on websites it is increasingly common to find a small bubble with a message sign in one of its corners, giving you some suggestion to help you, right? Well, these are the chatbots.

Actually, smart chatbots are one of the most accessible AI options for any type of business today, which greatly simplifies customer service work.

First of all, it is no longer necessary to have an entire team attending to each client: in fact, a user can ask anything, make a claim, even demand a refund or change of product and the chatbot will take care of it.

Indeed, there are systems that can analyze these interactions and customer responses, among other things to find patterns and collect relevant information about users’ needs, their behavior, location and other factors in order to make this service more efficient.

The main advantage of chatbots is that they are available 24 hours a day, all year round. Therefore, if a customer has a question or a review they can do so without having to wait for office hours.

2. CRM or Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a computer program capable of managing all processes, tools and tasks related to customer service, loyalty actions, contact and even the generation and management of leads of companies.

In simpler words, all of the company’s communications with users—whether email,social media, instant messaging, chats,among others—can be integrated into this tool and managed more efficiently.

Many of these services already incorporate AI as part of their goodness, for example by providing data about each specific customer to personalize marketing campaigns and sometimes tracking leads to become customers in the near future.

3. Internal optimization

What if the most critical flaws are within your organization? Well, in the event that your company starts to grow and your turnover exceeds your capacity, Artificial Intelligence software is ideal for integrating and studying all the data generated and detecting the Achilles heel that can break your entire structure.

It is also possible to incorporate personnel control and project management tools that are able to predict the behaviors of your employees, which at the same time can automatically update your collaborators directly on their phones or wereable.

Plus, thanks to Big Data’s intelligent analytics, you can increase productivity, engagement, and even talent retention within your company to manage human resources, teams, and new additions.

4. Data driven communication

The time of in-effect marketing campaigns is already in the past: with the help of data-driven Artificial Intelligence technologies, you can build a robust and accurate database that allows you to develop personalized or real-time marketing campaigns to generate greater impact.

In fact, marketing management has long been the missing link of companies. In this sense, AI makes it possible to increase productivity and efficiency in terms of external communication with your audience and save a lot of money and time in this area.

For example, machine learning platforms give you the opportunity to optimize conversations across multiple digital channels with your customers and use algorithms to predict their behaviors, tastes, and interests to provide them with products and services that really appeal to them and drive them to buy.

That’s all! Now you know how Artificial Intelligence can help you digitally transform your business by effectively developing its production.

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Cheer up and don’t miss the opportunity!


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