3 best way to explore five boroughs of New York

Whenever we plan a trip the first question that pops in our mind is where to go? If you are planning a trip in U.S  and not able to finalize the place, then choose New York. It is the great place to make your vacation worth. It has number of places that can fill your holiday trip with adventures and fully delighted memories. There are many places to explore like Brooklyn, Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens and Manhattan.

Rather depending on internet or friends advice, you can hire Centra travel, a travel agency that can arrange the most suitable means to travel around New York. It is quite wise to organize your trip from a travel agency as it helps you enjoy the trip without any hassle. Centra travel can provide you both public and private transit mode as per your convenience and budget. Following are the few convenient means to explore New York City.


This is the most convenient method to get around the city of New York especially if you are in a group. You can easily move around the city with the least possible expense and even it minimizes the risk of getting lost.  Still if you lost, you can get a car, as it is the most frequently used transport, which can drive you to the destination.


 It is the best method to get you aware with the New York’s culture, history, food, broad ways and many more.  You are also able to notice the most famous movie stars while walking by the sideways. All five Burroughs of New York can easily move around on foot.


If you do not have time, but you want to explore the whole city then boarding a bus will be a good decision.  You can explore almost whole city at the lowest cost and in less time. Though, buses have frequent halts and traffic jams, it is still good for people who cannot walk or trouble using stairs. 

Thus, you can explore complete New York city by using the three mentioned transit modes without an hassle. You can hire Centra travel to plan your trip. We can arrange multi-transit modes  at economical  price as per your budget.


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