Open the trend of exotic accommodation for Thai travellers

Open the trend of exotic accommodation for Thai travellers

Thai: Feeling like being a trend leader The desire to live a local life And paying attention to value These are all things that we find to be a catalyst for travelers. Choose to stay at the house, house, tree, boat, accommodation and other types of accommodation.

Now, the trend of exotic accommodation is coming up. Both floating accommodation and accommodation on a tree Over 1 in 3 Thai travelers (42%) plan to stay in a new alternative accommodation in 2019.

Living a local life is an essential factor for more than half of Thai travelers (59%). This group of travelers believe that staying at a house or other similar accommodation will allow them to see some area in the city or part. Of the country in a way that cannot be touched if staying in other accommodation

Being careful about the expenses of trips is also of primary importance as well. More than half of Thai travelers (62%) say that staying in the same house or accommodation makes them feel they are using the best value for money.

Have you ever dreamed of staying in a lodge and watching wild animals live naturally? Or going to relax on a holiday at the country house in a quiet atmosphere, creating a feeling close to nature? According to the survey, 8% of Thai travelers plan to stay at the same type of accommodation mentioned above in 2019. Therefore, you are not the only one who thinks this way., the world leader in connecting travelers with a variety of amazing accommodation options Have explored the data Including bringing in the information and insights that are available to find inspiration that motivates travelers to look for something different from the traditional familiarity and choose exotic accommodation for the next trip.

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Needs to be different from others

exotic accommodation for Thai travellers

Vacation is a good opportunity for you to tear off the daily routine, try to find something new, and sometimes even change your style. Therefore, it is not surprising that 1 in 3 of Thai travelers (42%) * plan to stay at a unique accommodation like a castle or tree house once in 2019

In addition to finding inspiration for yourself Travelers also want to make friends feel impressed as well. For this reason, many travelers turn to find new accommodation options that will express themselves. By 39% Thai travelers ** said that they like accommodation that is unique because it makes them like themselves to become a trend leader

Live like a local

Travelers plan to stay at a villa, apartment or villa in 2019. Staying at this type of accommodation also helps inspire change of perspective. Because this type of accommodation allows travelers to explore the surrounding areas in their destinations. And experience like being at home even when traveling Considered an opportunity to discover good things that only local people know More than half (59%) ** of Thai travelers agree that staying at a house or similar accommodation helps to see the city area or parts of the country that cannot be touched if staying at other accommodation.

“Ban Ta Lang Camping”, a waterfront tent for hundreds Finest

Comfortable price

In addition to helping travelers explore different destinations like local people Staying in this exotic accommodation also helps to save on travel costs as well. Considered one of the main advantages for going out to experience the worldwide More than half of Thai travelers (62%) ** agree that staying at the same style of accommodation makes them feel that they have the most money

Mr. Olivier Gramling, the vice president of, said: “Trends in tourists who are interested in staying in this exotic accommodation are clearly gaining strength. Which we understand that the perfect experience of each person is different. And whether you are looking for a cool igloo, a comfortable cabin or a luxury villa, has more than 5.8 million accommodation options that can be booked immediately, including apartment homes and other unique accommodations to ensure that you can experience the next special experience in a few clicks. “


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