Top Free PPC Tools to Improve Your PPC Account

Top Free PPC Tools to Improve Your PPC Account

When we talk about the current situation where every type of business is facing some of the other challenges, you must agree that anything free that comes to you will be quite beneficial. It is a tool, webinar, or resource. Well, if you talk about a PPC campaign, you indeed manage it with the help of Google Ads and Bings Ads, but tools play an essential role for professional marketers. 

The reason is to take the business to top advertisers, and professional marketers need to find a competitive edge to set themselves apart from the crowd. That means access to the right PPC tools is the excellent decision to start and make a world of difference in managing your PPC campaigns. However, selecting the right PPC campaign tool is a very daunting process as there are many available tools in the market, especially when you are not aware of what features you will look for in a tool.

So, to help you come out of this process, we have compiled some of the free, most powerful and effective tools which will improve your best PPC services account. Start using them today and see the real difference!

  • Google Ad Performance Grader

The Google Ad Performance Grader is the free tool offered by Wordstream that delivers a free report to the user. It breaks down everything starting from Google Ads performance metrics and conversion rates by telling you where your money is wasting.

Apart from that, it also generates a report summary score that offers you a clear picture of your performance compared to similar advertisers. So, overall you can say this tool is excellent as it will help you take the right action while improving your PPC strategy.

  • Google Search Console

This is another great and free tool offered by Google that will help you have the edge over the competition by improving your PPC marketing. Basically, this tool is mainly used for SEO purposes that is Search Analytics, through which you have a better insight into the varied keyword variations that can bring traffic to your site. 

However, the metrics Search Analytics gives to the user is query variations, CTR, impressions, clicks, etc. In addition to that, Search Analytics also helps you to outline current organic listings problems that PPC can help. 

  • Google’s Ad Preview Tool

There are many Ad preview tools, but it is one of the best, allowing the user to quickly mock up how your ad will look when it’s posted. So, you can use this tool to visualise the ad appearance and whether it is compelling or not. 

In addition to that, by this tool, you can also check that the ad has all the mandatory information to make the visitor click the ad. 

  • Moat

Next on our list is the Moat tool for display network, which helps you spy on your competitors display ads and offer you inspiration on how you can design your business ad. But the thing with this tool is that it only displays data of big brands, which means you won’t be able to see every business. It is the free tool that can deliver an insight into the big brands.

  • Answer the public

Many content writers and companies use this tool to generate keywords, but it has one more benefit: it has a lot of value as a topic generator. What you have to do is type in a term and then select the country. You will surely get an end number of options which you cannot ignore and are worth.

However, this helps you write content about what people are searching and looking for in relation to specific terms.

  • Google trends

Do you know that Google Trends is one of the most essential and famous best PPC services that most SEO company experts all over the world trust? 

The reason you will read in the discussion below….

Basically, Google Trends is an online search tool that helps the user to check how many time-specific keywords have been searched over a period of time. You will see this result in the search index graph. So, take the help of this Google Trends and make your PPC campaign successful within no time.

  • Google Keyword planner

This is another popular tool among marketers that helps them target the right clients with the right keywords. In other words, you can say it offers you keyword ideas to build your PPC campaign strong. 

  • Soovle

There are no accurate yet straightforward best PPC services other than Soovle. That means it compares keywords across all platforms, and it is quite easy to use. You have to type a keyword, and this tool will tell you what is trending on Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and many more.

The bottom line

There are a number of tremendous both free and paid PPC tools available on the internet. But the ones which are discussed above are the best among all which can take your business to a new height. So, use them to boost your strategy and improve your PPC campaign. You can also contact SEO company experts for this work. 

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