4 Apps That Will Help You Become a Better Omaha Poker Player

4 Apps That Will Help You Become a Better Omaha Poker Player

When it comes to poker, people tend to be most familiar with varieties like Texas Hold’em, 7-Card Stud, and 5-Card Draw. However, there are other types of poker that have grown more popular and are well worth learning as well. Omaha poker, in particular, is gaining traction worldwide. It is essentially a slightly more complex version of Texas Hold’em; as explained in this post on poker varieties, Omaha involves playing with four-hole cars instead of two. This adds more total card combinations to each hand and makes for a bit more strategizing on behalf of the player. With many enjoying that added complexity, it’s no wonder that Omaha is being picked up by many major poker tournaments, including some at the World Series of Poker and among those hosted by the Global Poker League.

If you’re new to Omaha poker (or if you’ve been playing a while and want to improve your skills), there are many things you can do. You can learn by experience or seek training from more seasoned players, for example. If you want to take a simpler (and likely cheaper) approach though, you can also opt for poker apps. Dozens of free apps today are designed to help you hone your poker skills, and you can use them to learn everything from the basics to winning strategies that can give you an edge at the poker table.

This list of apps for Omaha poker can help you get started.

Preflop+ and Postflop+

One major thing you need to perfect as an Omaha player is your preflop strategy, as the decisions you make in this part of the game can determine the quality of the hand you get after the flop. Preflop+ is designed to help by providing simulated scenarios and an additional equity calculator to help you practice your preflop skills. Developers Crafty Wheel Studios have also come up with a companion app, Postflop+, which you can download for free if you want additional guidance in post-flop strategies.

DTO Poker

These days, just learning the basics isn’t enough. More players are using mathematical principles like Game Theory Optimal (GTO) and Nash equilibrium to enhance the potential of their hands. That’s why this guide to playing professional poker recommends that aspiring full-time players never stop learning, but rather stay up to date with new strategies and approaches. Simply put, learning an analytical approach will help you last longer in any variety of poker, and DTO Poker can help you do just that by generating specific play scenarios. Instant feedback tells you how close your moves were to GTO, helping you play more “perfect” poker –– in mathematical terms –– over time.


If you’re the type to learn from straight-up playing experience, you still don’t need to go out to the nearest poker room. Instead, tap into the thousands of players on the official WSOP poker app. This free-to-play platform allows you to pit your newly refined skills against people from all over the world. Arguably the best thing about the WSOP app is that it has the biggest selection of playable poker variants on mobile right now. This means you can switch from Texas Hold’em to Omaha poker with ease whenever you like. You won’t have any trouble finding opponents to play with, either.


Once you feel prepared to play Omaha poker online or in person, try PokerAtlas. Thanks to its TableCaptain software, this app has real-time information on over 600 poker rooms in North America. With said information, the app enables you to find and sign up for the waitlists of any physical or virtual poker rooms in your vicinity. If you need some more advice heading in, PokerAtlas also has information on Omaha etiquette, strategies, and FAQs to keep you in the know at all times. You can even use it outside the poker room to discuss all things poker with other registered players.

Mobile apps are incredibly useful teaching tools in many areas, and Omaha poker is one. By using a combination of the recommendations above, you can up your game significantly, and feel confident playing poker even against more experienced opponents.

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