How To Buy a Cheap Air Tickets & Domestic flight ticket booking to USA

Booking the cheapest flight tickets is something everyone wants. There is a psychological satisfaction associated to buying cheap flight tickets. But the question is where and how do you get the best ticket for the lowest price.

Usually, booking a ticket a few months in advance works out well. But what if you have to travel suddenly? 54 days in advance is the right time to book your ticket. In case you missed out on this, we would recommend, booking a ticket two weeks in advance. This way you can get really cheap airline tickets!
Before you start buying tickets we suggest that you know the science behind buying cheap tickets, so that you will beat the system every time. 

Why do the prices fluctuate?

There are a number of reasons; the travel industry has many consolidators. In addition, thanks to all the mergers and bankruptcies, the major airlines service providers have reduced to three. This makes the consolidators king. All across the world, except for a few countries like India, Japan and other few others, most countries have a maximum of three airline service providers. This is a major reason why the airline prices fluctuate. Thanks to this getting super cheap airline tickets is next to impossible.
In addition to the mergers, another contributing factor for the fluctuating airline ticket prices is the increase in fuel prices. Airline fuel prices in the last few years have shot up exorbitantly. 

How to get really cheap airline tickets:

Finding cheap airline tickets is not impossible. There are numerous ways to get super cheap airline tickets. Here are a few basic pointers:
Be flexible: Airlines do their best to fluctuate prices keeping in mind their loyal business and leisure travelers.
Book well in advance: As mentioned earlier, try to book airline tickets in advance.
Also accept the fact that the once seen rates of any airline will not been seen again. Long gone are the days where you saw lower end triple digit prices for an airline.


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