Google Translate (Google Translate)

Google Translate (Google Translate)

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The free web app “Google Translate” translates texts with up to 5,000 characters between over 100 foreign languages: from English, Russian, Turkish, Spanish and French to Chinese and Japanese to Afrikaans and Zulu. You copy the source text from the clipboard into the Google translation program or type it using the keyboard or a virtual keyboard with the mouse. If you are not sure which language the text is written in, the “Translator” automatically recognizes the source language or reads the texts to you. “Google Translate” also translates Microsoft Office documents such as Word texts or Excel tables, PDFs, OpenDocument files (ODF) and text files (RTF and TXT) from your PC. Copy the finished translation to the clipboard, Send it to your email program or post the text on Twitter. Before doing so, you can edit the result and have “Google Translate” display word explanations, synonyms or grammatical information. Thanks to free apps for iOS and Android, the digital interpreter can help you on the go on smartphones and tablets.


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Google Translate

Information about Google Translate (Google Translate)

When surfing the Internet, it’s hard to avoid English-language websites or content in other foreign languages. The free online service “Google Translate” can be helpful here to quickly translate incomprehensible passages into German, but also to quickly translate an email into English. With “Google Translate” you can even translate entire websites in the browser. If you would like to translate text with up to 5,000 characters, type it into the web service or take it from the clipboard. The Google web app automatically recognizes the source language. You then select a target language from over 100 foreign languages. In addition to standards such as English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish and French, “Google Translate” also supports Afrikaans, Chinese, Japanese, Persian and Zulu. You can edit the translations manually, display dictionary entries and synonyms and optionally save them in your personal vocabulary. However, with every translation you should think about data protection and perhaps not trust “Google Translator” with sensitive company data or personal data.

Google Translate: Translate websites and Office documents

Translating entire websites using “Google Translate” is very practical. Even if an AI translation is not always perfect, foreign language websites can still be read quite well. Especially since “Google Translator” tries to maintain the original layout of a website. The procedure itself is quite simple. Instead of text, type the web address into the input field and select the target language – done. One click of the mouse and the website opens in the desired language. It is also helpful to translate local Microsoft Office documents (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), ODF files from OpenOffice or LibreOffice, PDFs and texts in TXT or RTF format. However, the layout and formatting are partially lost during translation. The result is only displayed in the web browser,

Edit Google translation and post to Twitter

Machine translations are a great help, but are often not always a hit when it comes to sentence structure and word choice. If you click on a source word in “Google Translate”, the web service will show you word explanations, synonyms and grammatical information. Translation alternatives can also be output for complete sentences. This allows you to fine-tune the translated texts in terms of language and content. Practical: One click of the mouse is enough and “Google Translate” reads the source or target text. As an alternative to the keyboard, you can also enter the text in handwriting mode, i.e. with the mouse. This is helpful for languages ​​such as Japanese, Korean or Chinese. You can then copy the translated text, which can be edited manually, to the clipboard.

Google Translate: Use the app for iOS and Android as an interpreter

Google’s interpreting service is not only available on your PC, but also free of charge as a “Google Translate” app for iPhone & iPad and as a “Google Translate” app for Android phones and tablets . Passages can be entered using the keyboard, handwritten with a pen or using the microphone. You can even select a photo to translate and interpret bilingual conversations, which is particularly useful on vacation. There are also the add-ons “Google Translator for Firefox” and “Google Translate for Chrome” for the Firefox and Chrome browsers , with which you can use the Google service to quickly translate individual sections and entire websites.


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