“Between him and the cafe” The latest check-in point. In the atmosphere of the rice fields and Khao Bud

"Between him and the cafe" The latest check-in point.  In the atmosphere of the rice fields and Khao Bud
Cafe in the middle of the field! Hear this, believe that many People will definitely be thrilled. Because everyone who likes to sit and chill In this nature But how good is it if the cafe in the fields is not only green fields? But still surrounded by mountains It’s a natural view cafe that is really worth checking. The place we are talking about is “Between him and the cafe” The new cafe opened at Khao Nok, Nakhon Sawan.
This place is known as the newest check-in point. Because the restaurant has recently opened for service as both a restaurant and a coffee shop. The intense coffee is the view of the shop.
The restaurant has an open-air seat can comfortably enjoy nature fully visible Phu Khao Yai spectacular views of the rice fields stretching as far as the eye can see. Anyone who likes to take photos here will have to get a beautiful picture back.
Cool like this. Have a cup of coffee. Watch the possibilities of grass trees. Ensure that this is a relaxation that will really make you recover.

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Location between Khao Cafe: Khao No, Ban Dan Subdistrict, Banphot Phisai District Nakhon Sawan Province
Opening Hours: 10.00-20.00 hrs.
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