5 Evergreen SEO Strategies

5 Evergreen SEO Strategies

In the business industry that keeps on accelerating, it’s hard to keep evergreen strategies that would work today and would still work tomorrow. Entrepreneurs know that one of the important aspects that need priority is SEO. There are lots of SEO strategies you can apply to your business, but not all can withstand the changing trend of the business industry. If you’re here to learn about some evergreen SEO strategies you can try, you might want to save this post and give it a try.

5 Evergreen SEO Techniques You Must Know

To help you level up and maintain your SEO strategy, take a look at the following:

Value exchange

If you’re familiar with link swaps, you’re pretty close to what exchanging value means. Since SEO works through partnerships with other businesses so you can improve your domain authority, you might want to show your value and see what they can offer to you as well. I’ll give you something, you give me something. This is effective in increasing your SEO authority because search engines will detect that you have credible backlinks and relationships with other brands. This can be complicated, but know that link swapping still works today.

Simplify code

Codes are essential in building your site, and the simpler your code is, the better for the end-user. If you want to give your customers a favorable and hassle-free experience when browsing your site, you might want to make your site easy to navigate. When you have simple codes, the faster and easier your page loads, and that is the exact thing that your visitors want. Present your message quickly before your visitors get distracted and leave your site.

Smart keyword research

SEO is all about targeting all the keywords that your target audience tends to use. You might want to keep this strategy active in your marketing efforts. Smart keyword research partnered with great content is a reliable and effective way to rank yourself and drive traffic to search engines. However, if you produce content with keywords on it, just let it flow naturally and let your article talk about it so your efforts won’t get discarded.

Check figures

In SEO, numbers are essential. The more backlinks, more keywords, and more content you have, the better. If we look at these numbers in the past few years, they don’t actually matter, but today, they are the top priorities of every business. Although we are talking numbers you can produce, it would be better if we’d go back to the number one strategy. Always choose to produce more value naturally than targeting artificial figures that don’t make sense. Analyzing datas or conducting SEO audits to identify what your website lacks can be a daunting task especially if you’re not that familiar with it. For example, if you’re starting a business in Illinois, you can search for a nearby SEO team in Chicago who can help you build your brand in the state and let people know that your business exists. They are well-versed in search engine optimization and can utilize different SEO tactics to increase your brand awareness. 

Create evergreen content

As we’ve said earlier, keywords partnered with the right content are the keys to a great SEO strategy. Producing articles is easy, but you might want to create ones that are essential today and tomorrow. There are different types of content that can be considered evergreen, and these are:

  • Product Reviews
  • How-to articles
  • Tips
  • Lists
  • Encyclopedia-type entries


SEO is too broad to talk about in 10 minutes. But we know that it is an effective strategy to put your brand on top of the list. SEO also keeps on changing and improving, so might as well learn how to cope with it using the right strategies that you can use today and rely on tomorrow. Still hesitant about it? Reach out to a trusted SEO team to get you running!


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